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Greetings Rough Rider Alumni the world over,


Let us take this opportunity to congratulate

President Elect Joe Biden


Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris, on their historic victory in the

2020 Election.


Let us also take this opportunity to thank everyone who Registered to "VOTE", and "VOTED" in spite of the odds, the challenges, the long lines, mail-in voter threats, voter suppression, and then some. We all made a sacrifice to get our vote counted, whether through the mail, early voting, or on Election Day.

Let us take time to wish the new administration well, and also the outgoing administration best wishes in their future endeavors.

"We all made a sacrifice to get out and vote, whether through the mail (then checking via email to insure it was received, accepted, and counted), or early voting, or on Election Day. 

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Welcome to the Home of the

Theodore Roosevelt High School Alumni Association

of Washington, D.C.


Our Mission is to create an opportunity for a lifelong community of alumni through meaningful engagement in order to increase pride, participation, and awareness through volunteer involvement and philanthropy for the Theodore Roosevelt High School, the alumni and the community.


Our Vision is to involve as many of the Theodore Roosevelt alumni on an annual basis by creating a range of programs and services that will produce benefits for the students and the alumni association. The innovative and progressive programs and services will encourage all alumni to seek to remain engaged with the school and each other.

Theodore Roosevelt High School Alumni Association

4301 13th Street, NW

Washington, DC  20011

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