Are you a member? We hope so.  As membership is the back bone of the Alumni Association, it is vital that we continue to grow the paid member base, as well as participation and volunteer roles, so the organization can sponsor events, bring Alumni together and help our students (first and foremost).  Please considering joining

Membership:  (noun) the state of being a member, as of a society or club.  The total number of members belonging to an organization, society, etc.

Membership dues go toward supporting the community, alumni events (Scholarship, Cookouts, Fundraisers, etc).  So we want all RR's to be members and we also hope that you consider donating towards the Scholarship efforts.

You can also pay by check. 

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Welcome to the Home of the

Theodore Roosevelt High School Alumni Association

of Washington, D.C.


Our Mission is to create an opportunity for a lifelong community of alumni through meaningful engagement in order to increase pride, participation, and awareness through volunteer involvement and philanthropy for the Theodore Roosevelt High School, the alumni and the community.


Our Vision is to involve as many of the Theodore Roosevelt alumni on an annual basis by creating a range of programs and services that will produce benefits for the students and the alumni association. The innovative and progressive programs and services will encourage all alumni to seek to remain engaged with the school and each other.

Theodore Roosevelt High School Alumni Association

4301 13th Street, NW

Washington, DC  20011

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