This page is in remembrance to our beloved Rough Riders!

David Watson - Class of 1973
Vernell Bussey Johnson - Class of 1962
Curtis (Curt-Bone) Washington, III-1996
Curtis Champion- Class of 1981
Velma Elizabeth Perkins Class of 1964
Deandra Smith- Class of 1995
Deborah K - Class of 1976
Charles G. Bouse - Class of 1967
Robin Miller - Class of 1978
Barbara Terry - Class of 1972
Christopher Langston Baker - Class of 1979
Michele Minor - Class of 1976
Ernest Anthony Smith- Class of 1975
James Robinson - Class of 1965
Swift Burch, Jr. - Class of 1965
Alice Elaine Frost - Class of 1995
Terry White - Class of 1974
Mark Lyons - Class of 1979
Michael Robinson-Class of 1975
Charles Carter - Class of 1971
Sylvia Aretha O'Neal- Class of 1973
Sandy Denise Jones- Class of 1985
Charles Herbert (Bubby) Thornton - 1986.
Delonda Fifi Kenon-Washington - Class of
James Malloy - Class of 1985
Curtis Snowden - 1981
Martina Redmon - Class of 1981
Christal Waldo White - Class of 1986
Eugene Benette
Kevin Wilson - Class of 1974
Joey Saunders - Class of 1981
Kevin Williams - Class of 1979
Ralph Telfort - Class of 1991
Amy Anthony Jones - Class of 1965
Malcolm P. Clay-Class of 1961
Lawrence S. McIntyre- Class of 1978
Sandra Kelly Lucas - Class of 1965
Pamela Ann Thompson - Class of 1976
Gwendolyn Vick - Class of 1994
Lawrence Dunn - Class of 1971.
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Our Vision is to involve as many of the Theodore Roosevelt alumni on an annual basis by creating a range of programs and services that will produce benefits for the students and the alumni association. The innovative and progressive programs and services will encourage all alumni to seek to remain engaged with the school and each other.

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